Based in Phoenix, Arizona, I am a commercial photographer available for corporate and industrial assignments in Arizona and the Southwest.  I am skilled at location photography for executive portraiture, business portraits, corporate annual reports, and advertising for print media and use on the internet.  And I am experienced still photographer providing still images for film crews.
I work fast and well in a tight space with bad conditions.
All of these images have been used for advertising, annual reports and web use. All of the executive portraits were done on location.  For the set of images done for a national CATV company,  I was given free rein to shoot whatever I found interesting.  The "Lineman" shot was made when I saw the climbing spikes laying in a corner of the garage. I recognized what they were and asked a worker if he knew how to use them. he said he did, so we went up a pole and I  made that picture.  It was made into a huge print and now hangs in their corporate headquarters. A similar thing occurred with the black and white shot of the “microphone”.  I was shooting for a recording studio and after I was done with their shot list I saw that microphone in a corner of the studio and I asked if I could shoot it.  They used that photo for over a year in their ads.  The steel mill shots are favorites, it was a fun shoot. I worked in a steel mill when I was in college.  I am comfortable working in an industrial environment, in fact, I keep a hard hat and a safety vest in the trunk of my car.
“It really comes down to this: I bring critical thinking to the assignment. I am easy to work with, and I get the job done.  I have clients that have been with me for years and they think of me when photography can make them money …”

I can be reached at 480-220-5347 and by email at: